Yoga for a Monday Morning

A class that will help de-stress, create cheer and calm in equal measures, leaving you ready to take on the week ahead. A combination of a mini meditation, stretching, breathing and relaxation, this Hatha Yoga class is suitable for all abilities and ages.

Somatic Yoga

Start your week with an hour of calm.  Somatic yoga combines mindful movements with deep stretches to release stress and tension from the body, allowing you to wind down and find more ease at the end of the day.  Each class is a little different, weaving in elements of strength, balance, stretch, and flow, with guided meditations and breathwork.  This is a trauma-informed class meaning we focus on how the practice feels and how our nervous system is responding, not on how it looks.  Everything is optional and lots of props are provided.  This class is a wonderful support for stress and anxiety relief, as well as supporting your overall health and wellbeing.  

Rejuvenating Yoga & Yoga Nidra

This class involves mindful breathwork to help you feel more present, nourishing movement with Yoga sequences to rejuvenate the body, some therapeutic restorative poses in between to give you a 'heal & reboot' feeling, while finishing with a short Yoga Nidra, a form of guided meditation to support you to remove any physical or mental tension


BELLYFIT® is a blend of cardio, strength and stretch, designed for women. It's a moderate to intense workout, depending on your own preference. Wear comfy clothes and trainers and give it a try!

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a style of Hatha Yoga that is done seated in a chair, with modifications for different levels of health and mobility. It focuses on breathing, postures, flows and relaxation to improve strength, balance, coordination and mobility. 

Seasonal Yoga Flow

Seasonal Yoga is a form of Hatha yoga designed to align you with the changing energy of the seasons and nature, while looking to support you to improve your well-being. 

This class will involve flow of poses matching the relevant season energy along with breathing exercises followed by final relaxation/guided meditation. 

Gentle Hatha

Our Traditional Hatha Yoga class will focus on breathing and exploring postures individually rather than as part of a sequence. Other aspects of yoga will be explored also, including pranayama breathing, mantra chanting and relaxation/meditation. This is a good way to get involved in yoga for newcomers and an opportunity for the more experienced to widen their practice.

Heartfulness Meditation

Modern life makes heavy demands on us and we often feel rushed and pressured.  Through meditation we learn to create a place of calm and peace inside ourselves.  Just as a tree with deep roots is able to withstand strong winds, meditation increases our capacity to cope with the challenges of our busy lives.  Heartfulness offers a simple and practical approach to meditation and relaxation which is easy to learn and integrate into your daily life.  Based on an ancient form of Raja Yoga, it has been simplified and updated to suit a busy modern life.  We meditate on the heart, bringing our focus and attention to the place where we connect with our feelings.  As we tune into our hearts through regular meditation, we find ourselves more in touch with our feelings, more compassionate, less judgmental, better able to understand ourselves and other people.  Our intuitive understanding grows so that our decisions are guided by a deeper sense of what is really right for us, and this in turn gives us greater confidence in ourselves.  Heartfulness uses the subtle energy of yogic transmission, making it easier for our attention to move deeper within. This can best be understood through direct experience.  We invite you to experience Heartfulness, and the unique benefits of this transmission, for yourself.  Sessions are always free, and open to anyone interested.  Donations to cover room hire and to support our work, are always welcome.  


A class suitable for those who have never tried yoga before or those wishing to get back to basics. This class will focus on the alignment and feel of some basic yoga postures, allowing you to learn at your own pace and build a solid yoga foundation.

Yoga Flow

In this class we will flow through a sequence of postures, led by the breath, cultivating rhythm and heat in the body.  We will start by gently warming up, leaving the day behind before exploring dynamic fluid sequences.  We will practice sun salutations, standing, balance and seated postures. There will be an opportunity to cool down and relax with a guided relaxation to finish.  Expect to increase body awareness, mental focus and find a sense of calm amongst the movement!

Beginners through to experienced yogis are welcome, modifications will be provided however everyone’s practice is unique on any given day, you will be encouraged to listen to body and make the class your own. 

Yin to Yang Seasonal Yoga

Seasonal Yoga is designed to align you with the changing energy of the seasons and nature, while looking to support you improve your wellbeing bringing together elements of Hatha Yoga and traditional Chinese medicine. 
This class will bring together Yin and Yang elements into our Practice. It will involve working deep into the Yin (ligaments, joints, bones) and Yang (muscles) tissues in a way that supports you balance these complementary opposites in body, mind, and day-to-day life. Breathwork and guided meditation will support you to feel present, go deeper in your practice and release tension.

Thursday Night Yoga

Classes are based on the vinyasa model, but with some real changes to accommodate more functional and inclusive movement patterns.  This class can make you stronger (if you choose to engage in that way) and will work with your natural mobility.  Yoga Philosophy underpins classes, always coming back to why we practice.

Seasonal Flow

Poses flow into each other, synchronised with the breath, as you mindfully transition from pose to pose. Postures are related to the changing seasons, in order to focus on and energise organs and meridians related to each season.

Vinyasa Flow

Strong flowing Vinyasa, suitable for all levels as many variations will be offered. A challenging and uplifting, perfect to end a working day with. During classes we will focus on peak poses over a 4 week block - drop ins are always very welcome though! 
Amy's classes incorporate Pranayama, Vinyasa and a guided meditation in Savasana. We focus on strength building and range of motion mobility and endurance; building stability in the joints and muscles, caring for areas of the body which may have been overlooked and gaining strength of mind and body overall. Allow Amy to support you in beginning your Yoga journey or adding to an already established one. 


A monthly movement, meditation, and breathwork class at the studio or online. Drawing from yoga, somatic therapies, and mindfulness, to strengthen and support mind-body connection and wellbeing. This is an accessible, trauma-informed class. This class will be on the first Saturday of each month. See the Workshop page for booking details.


Breathwork is a therapeutic practice that allows us to dive deep and tap into our own healing potential. Breathwork is a somatic or bodywork practice designed to take us out of our busy mind and drop into our body where true healing and release happens. It is a unique journey where we are able to discover our true essence and connect with our inner wisdom. People are often blown away by the level of growth and transformation!

We use a style of Breathwork known as conscious connected Breathwork. This is done in such a way that we can literally tap into our nervous system and effectively hit the override button!

It is a powerful tool to move you from the fight and flight state into the more relaxed parasympathetic state and even times into altered states of consciousness.

Rise Yoga

These classes include hatha yoga postures with a focus on the breath. We will breathe and move mindfully and each class ends with a body scan relaxation. By focusing on breathing, flexibility and developing strength, we can boost our physical and mental wellbeing.
No previous experience of yoga is necessary.

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