Yoga for a Monday Morning

A class that will help de-stress, create cheer and calm in equal measures, leaving you ready to take on the week ahead. A combination of a mini meditation, stretching, breathing and relaxation, this Hatha Yoga class is suitable for all abilities and ages.

Restorative Flow & Yoga Nidra

This class will involve slow nourishing movements followed by restorative deeper poses and Yoga Nidra, a state of conscious relaxation to support you remove any muscular, emotional, or mental tension.

Tuesday Morning Yoga

A class aimed at all levels, Tuesday Morning Yoga is based on Vinyasa Flow which links the breath with movement and the mind. Combining a series of restorative postures in a flowing sequence, with a lovely relaxation at the end. This class will help improve muscle tone and flexibility, calming the mind and uplifting the spirit.

Wind Down Yoga

This class is gentle Hatha, suitable for all levels of practice. Perfect after a long day of work or studying, getting ready to settle into the evening and wind down. Calming for the mind, body and soul, this class will focus on stretching the body, working on controlling the breath and de-stressing the mind. 

Seasonal Yoga Flow

Seasonal Yoga is a form of Hatha yoga designed to align you with the changing energy of the seasons and nature, while looking to support you to improve your well-being. 

This class will involve flow of poses matching the relevant season energy along with breathing exercises followed by final relaxation/guided meditation. 

Gentle Hatha

Our Traditional Hatha Yoga class will focus on breathing and exploring postures individually rather than as part of a sequence. Other aspects of yoga will be explored also, including pranayama breathing, mantra chanting and relaxation/meditation. This is a good way to get involved in yoga for newcomers and an opportunity for the more experienced to widen their practice.


A class suitable for those who have never tried yoga before or those wishing to get back to basics. This class will focus on the alignment and feel of some basic yoga postures, allowing you to learn at your own pace and build a solid yoga foundation.

Yoga Flow

In this class we will flow through a sequence of postures, led by the breath, cultivating rhythm and heat in the body.  We will start by gently warming up, leaving the day behind before exploring dynamic fluid sequences.  We will practice sun salutations, standing, balance and seated postures. There will be an opportunity to cool down and relax with a guided relaxation to finish.  Expect to increase body awareness, mental focus and find a sense of calm amongst the movement!

Beginners through to experienced yogis are welcome, modifications will be provided however everyone’s practice is unique on any given day, you will be encouraged to listen to body and make the class your own. 


Taiji Shibashi Qigong is a Qigong form commonly practiced in China and South East Asia, that incorporates some of the best healing movements from Yang style Tai Chi Chuan.

Qigong is the art of working with energy (Qi) which in Oriental pricinpals is your life energy, which runs in channels or meridians throughout the body.

No prior knowledge of Qigong is required to take part. The movements are easy and quick to learn, but improving on the correct posture and developing awareness of your energy (Qi) is an ongoing process that will never end. The more you practice Qigong, the more healing benefits you will get from it.

Sleek Technique Ballet Fitness

Sleek Technique: a fun and effective ballet fitness workout suitable for all levels.

Combining classical dance movement with body conditioning exercises to help sculpt, lengthen and tone; a wonderful way to begin the day with power and poise.

Thursday Night Yoga

Classes are based on the vinyasa model, but with some real changes to accommodate more functional and inclusive movement patterns.  This class can make you stronger (if you choose to engage in that way) and will work with your natural mobility.  Yoga Philosophy underpins classes, always coming back to why we practice.

Seasonal Flow

Poses flow into each other, synchronised with the breath, as you mindfully transition from pose to pose. Postures are related to the changing seasons, in order to focus on and energise organs and meridians related to each season.

Power Yoga


This class will focus on linking breath and movement through a dynamic vinyasa flow aimed at all levels. We’ll be cultivating strength, focus, stamina, flexibility and balance through a variety of flowing postures, always ending in relaxation.
Power yoga is energetic yet mindful and will boost energy levels while strengthening and toning the entire body.
This class is suitable for all levels, and modifications will always be offered to suit individual needs

Sunday Morning Yoga

This morning class will set you up for the day. Hatha yoga poses are included in the practice, with modifications offered to ensure individual needs are met. The class is for anyone seeking a gentle, energising morning practice, and newcomers to yoga are most welcome. There are elements of mindfulness incorporated within the practice too.

At the end of every practice, there is a lovely relaxation (arguably the best bit!).

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