Here is a list of our Yoga Workshops in Stirling

November 4th, 5th & 6th – Realising Resilience & Wellbeing

This 3 day workshop takes you behind the scenes of your own emotional and mental wellbeing in order to reveal the key components that determine your happiness, fulfilment and success. You will gain a working understanding of the role your mind plays in how you live your life and subsequently you will find yourself operating at your best more easily.

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November 10th – Being Here – Compassionate Accompaniment

1:30pm – 3:30pm


This is an introductory workshop for anyone interested in exploring ways to create compassionate self care within your life. Through noticing our body sensations we can create opportunities to be with whatever arises. We can also choose how we meet these places in us. Can we be gentle, curious and compassionate as we meet ourselves? The mind is part of the body and as the body becomes calm so do our thought processes.

In this workshop Misty will accompany you through movements and stillness as you learn to accompany yourself through noticing and listening to body sensations while responding in ways that support you. This is a calm, gentle exploration that develops body listening and helps you create ways to give yourself what is needed in each moment.

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November 11th – Japanese Calligraphy

10am – 12pm


This workshop is designed to perfect the ‘basic techniques’. Masami will pick 2 kanji characters that have a smaller number of strokes to allow you to focus on technique.

that have a smaller number of strokes to allow you to focus on technique. So after mastering the basics, you’ll be able to comfortably apply what you have learned to any kanji characters you want to write on your own.

Japanese calligraphy is about putting your own interpretation and personality into each

piece you create, so this workshop and future ones will bring out the personality and feeling of each participant into their artwork/calligraphy piece.

Brushes, ink and paper will be provided.

November 13th- Monthly Ba Duan Jin

1:30pm – 2:30pm

Ba Duan Jin (pronounced ‘ba doo-ahn jeen’) 8 Piece Brocade

Ba Duan Jin is slow, gentle, easy to follow and is one of the most well known Qi Gong practices. There are eight movements, each focusing on a different part of the body and meridian (energy pathway). It can improve your immune system, increase circulation, strengthen inner organ function and reduce stress and anxiety. Regular practice can help prevent diseases of the joints, digestive system, cardiovascular, respiratory, and nervous systems. Qi Gong also quiets the mind, bringing a sense of calm and tranquility.

Qi Gong is a life practice and gives you tools for self healing and change in your life. It can be practiced by people of all ages and can be adapted to individual needs making it an ideal aid to recovery from illness or injury as well as maintaining overall health. Everyone is welcome, including complete beginners.

Class one Tuesday per month. Beginning in November class will be held on the second Tuesday of each month. The next date will be 11th December.

Cost: block of 3 classes £24 or drop in for £9 per class

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November 23rd – Northern Mists Nia



Follow the moonlit path all you seekers and wild dreamers. Lay down your cares and come and dance with us as we lead you north, with tales and music, until your feet remember how to dance through the mists…..

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November 24th – Womens Full Moon Workshop

1:00pm – 3:00pm


As females we are connected to the Moon and the Earth. Just like the moon changes and goes through different cycles, so does a woman’s physical, emotional and hormonal well-being.

With each full moon comes a unique energy. The moon is closely related to water, so it’s not surprising that it can exert gravitational forces strong enough to create tides in the oceans, and so too do the tides and flows of the body when responding to the rhythmic cycles of the ‘moon within’.

The full moon is a time for reflection, cleansing, releasing and forgiveness. As we start to wind down towards the end of the year, join Natasha in this special full moon class, which will provide you with the perfect opportunity to reflect and set an intention to release anything that no longer serves you.

The class will help bring awareness to what’s happening in the mind and body, by incorporating a sequence focusing on balancing the sacral chakra which is closely related to the moon. Its element is water and as such, its energy is characterised by flow and flexibility and is associated with our emotions, creativity, femininity and reproduction.

We will share a meditation, flow through a moon salutation, opening and releasing, then slowing it down with a deeply restorative Yin practice focusing on areas which may have energetic blockages. Ending with Pranayama and a Yoga Nidra to heal and restore, releasing inner tension and unpicking deep unconscious and suppressed emotions. The use of essential oils will also be incorporated to awaken the senses.

Suitable for all ages, the emphasis of this workshop is to create a space which encourages us to to go inward and reconnect with our female nature.

November 25th – 2 Hours Ae Yin

2pm – 4pm

Early Bird Price (Before Friday 16th November) £20, standard price £25

You will discover the full functional force of this passive practice, no matter your previous experience or mobility, and learn to look after the most impressive instrument the world has ever known – you.

You’ll be in the careful hands and guidance of Imran Hashmat a 600 hour trained teacher, who is seriously passionate about Yin.

Imran’s classes are welcoming, practical, soothing and of lean speech. You will not hear talking unless it’s to further your benefit or understanding, allowing you to truly sink into your practice.

All of this culminates in you developing awareness of your underlying bodily (and perhaps mental) tensions, stimulating and releasing them to allow you to move smoothly, healthily and pain-free throughout life.

Space is limited and requires prepayment to confirm and secure your spot. Please, message Imran directly with your e-mail address, any questions, and to complete your reservation. Book now to hold your spot!

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December 1st – Belly Dance Workshop

11:30am – 1:30pm


A 2-hour workshop covering technique from a bellydance style, finishing with a choreography in that style. This is part of a series of workshops run by Moyra Banks and Amanda Fraser. This series will cover styles including Egyptian pop, Oriental, Khaleegi and Saidi. In each workshop, you will drill movement, isolations and stepping patterns unique to the style covered. Every workshop is open level suitable for complete beginners to more experienced dancers.

Moyra and Amanda are Egyptian style belly dancers and belly dance teachers whose enthusiasm and love of the art form is contagious. Moyra is based in Edinburgh and Amanda is based in Glasgow

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