Here is a list of our Yoga Workshops in Stirling


March 16th –  Laughter Yoga with Morag

12:00- 13:30


Laughter Yoga is about so much more than having a good time. It’s about learning tools we can use in our daily lives to create more joy no matter what is going on around us. It’s about putting our health and wellbeing first so that our positive energy lifts those around us. Morag will be doing some laughter exercises, games and songs all allowing us to access our inner child, our creativity and have fun! No pressure to do anything that doesn’t feel comfortable – it’s all abut having fun. There are no actual yoga poses involved – just some yoga breathing.

Contact Morag for more info or to book  – or phone 07756 490562


April 6th – Yin and Yoga Nidra with Carly

15:00 – 17:00


Carly is running a fantastic Yin and Yoga Nidra workshop on the first Saturday of every month! Come along and join her for a slow Yin class that nourishes your body and mind.

Contact Carly for more info or to book

April 27th – Heart over Head – Inversion Workshop



In this fun and playful workshop, we’ll turn everything upside down! Ilka will show you how to get into a headstand in a safe manner, play with introductions to handstands and other inversions and arm balances. Ilka is a certified yoga and AcroYoga instructor. She will lead you through this workshop with a lot of humour, but also with a clear and safe progression.

You can book right here!

April 27th – 30th – Scaravelli -inspired approach to Practicing and Teaching Yoga

Great for Yoga Teachers and students, and also those wanting to find out more…. Come along to one or more classes, or the whole 4 days for an immersion into Breath, Anatomy and a Scaravelli-inspired approach to practicing and teaching Yoga. WITH BRENDA LOUW. WWW.CHILLOUTYOGA.CO.UK

SATURDAY APRIL 27 (Full day: £40)
10am-12pm: Welcome & Movement Class: £15
A lovely class to get you experiencing moving in circles, spirals and waves; connecting to gravity and your breath. We move from thinking to feeling.
Letting physical and mental tensions lessen. We will also move through some more well known yoga asana and sequences, keeping in the theme of grounding and spirals.
12-1: lunch
1-4pm: Breath workshop: £30
In original yoga texts, breathing was very quiet, very still and very slow. However, in many ‘modern’ yoga classes, breathing is big, sometimes loud. It seems something has been lost in the breathing message, in transmission and translation, over the many years. It seems that our society has become over-breathers, which, like over-eating, can have detrimental affects on our mental and physical health.
On this workshop we will look at how our lives have an impact on our breathing; peek into the science of gaseous exchange of O2 and CO2; notice our habitual breathing patterns; how to recognise if we are over-breathing, and – most importantly – techniques to practice to bring your breath back into balance…. and only from there start to allow it to expand. I will also introduce the Buteyko Method, and how it dovetails beautifully with those original yoga breathing texts. The workshop will challenge the ‘take adeep breath’  we often hear taught in yoga and other classes, so come prepared to challenge existing ideas, and be open and curious to new knowledge. Through understanding breathing, we can offer ourselves a great impact on our own lives – mentally and physically – in a profound and lasting way.
The workshop will include movement/asana practice, and finish with a meditation.

SUNDAY APRIL 28 (Full day: £50)
8-9.30am: Self Practice: By Donation
A great opportunity to spend time in your own practice. I will assist with adjustments and queries. Arrive (quietly) any time between 8 and 9am.
10-12.30: WORKSHOP: Waves, circles and spirals. £25
Spending more time on the Scaravelli concepts of gravity, waves, rooting and lengthening. Yummy stuff!
Also introducing Feldenkrais and movement.
12.30-1.30:  lunch
1.30- 4.30: Movementy-asana workshop. £30
Approaching static asana and vinyasa with Scaravelli & Feldenkrais principles, as well as breath focus. A perfect time to explore different asana and moving from one asana to another with ease. Finishing the day with a meditation.

MONDAY APRIL 29 (Full Day: £50)
8-9.30am: Self Practice: (By Donation)
A great opportunity to spend time in your own practice. I will assist with adjustments and queries. Arrive (quietly) any time between 8 and 9am.
10-12.30: Workshop: Yin Yoga £25
Practicing and teaching ‘traditional’ Yin Yoga (as inspired by Paul Grilley and Bernie Clark)
12.30-1.30:  lunch
1.30- 4.30: Movementy-Yin workshop. £30
Approaching yin asana with Scaravelli principles and breath focus. Finishing meditation

8-9.30am: Self Practice: (by Donation)
A great opportunity to spend time in your own practice. I will assist with adjustments and queries. Arrive (quietly) any time between 8 and 9am.
10am-3pm: Open Discussion & Practice (for Yoga Teachers) £30
Practical ways to introduce a Scaravelli-Movementy-style into your existing classes and teaching.
Including a short lunch break and closing meditation.​





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