Here is a list of our Yoga Workshops in Stirling

July 20th – Mindfulness Continuation of Practice

6pm – 8pm

This is for anyone with an experience of mindfulness – perhaps through Susie’s courses or events, or perhaps via another teacher or online course. The aim of the continuation sessions is to allow us to expand deeper into our practice, and to share this space with others. Community is a really important part of mindfulness, and the experience of practising with others is so different from practising individually.

The theme of this two-hour practice is yet to be decided – so if you want to come along, and there’s a particular topic you’re interested in, do get in touch.

Having some understanding of practice is really helpful, as these sessions don’t start at the beginning!

Please get in contact with Susie with any queries, or to book directly to avoid the booking fee –

July 22nd – Yin Yoga Workshop

2:00pm – 4:00pm


2 Hour mindful, slow and deep practice

This workshop is suitable for all levels; time will be spent going over each posture to ensure that everyone get the most out of their practice

Yang Yoga (think Power, Vinyasa, hot Yoga, Ashtanga) Is great for exercising our Yang tissues, our muscles. Yin Yoga on the other hand allows us to work beyond the muscles, and carefully and safely exercising our Yin Tissues (our connective tissue, ligaments, tendons, bones, joints) The postures will all be done on the floor; we will hold the postures for between 1-3 mins

Although Yin is a simple practice this is not restorative yoga, we are gently and mindfully stressing our yin tissues. It can be very challenging to hold the postures for the length of time required, it will test you in a very different way than your yang practice.

Please contact Carly to book on 07769179352 or


July 28th – Belly Dance Workshop

10am – 12pm


A 2-hour workshop covering technique from a bellydance style, finishing with a choreography in that style.  This is part of a series of workshops run by Moyra Banks and Amanda Fraser.  This series will cover styles including Egyptian pop, Oriental, Khaleegi and Saidi.  In each workshop, you will drill movement, isolations and stepping patterns unique to the style covered.  Every workshop is open level suitable for complete beginners to more experienced dancers.

Moyra and Amanda are Egyptian style belly dancers and belly dance teachers whose enthusiasm and love of the art form is contagious. Moyra is based in Edinburgh and Amanda is based in Glasgow.


August 12th – Japanese Calligraphy

10am – 12pm


Masami will pick 5 kanji characters that have a similar number of strokes and flow.  Participants will choose one of the 5 characters and she will show them the stroke order and weight to use for each of the strokes. The aim being to have each participant create their own interpretation of the kanji character by the end of the workshop.

Japanese calligraphy is about putting your own interpretation and personality into each piece you create, so this workshop and future ones will bring out the personality and feeling of each participant into their artwork/calligraphy piece.

Brushes, ink and paper will be provided. 

September 16th – Heart over Head Workshop



In this fun and playful workshop we will turn everything upside down. We will learn to get into headstand in a safe manner, we will play with introductions to handstand and other hand balances. We will discover other inversions and arm balances.

Get out of your comfort zone and go on an adventure. Come along to rediscover your inner child.

Ilka is certified yoga and AcroYoga instructor. She will lead you through this workshop with a lot of humour but also with a clear and safe progression. You will learn new tricks to approach inversions such as headstand, handstand and the like.

Inversions are revitalising, uplifting and strengthen your immune system.

Spaces are limited!


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