Here is a list of our Yoga and Wellbeing Workshops in Stirling


September 14th – Monthly two hours of Mindfulness

10:00am – 12:00pm

Two hours really gives us an opportunity to sink into a mindful practice. What better way to start a weekend?

These sessions are open to everyone, but having some understanding of what mindfulness is is beneficial. Over the two hours there will be a variety of mindfulness practices shared, with some space for discussion and exploration of the practices. Each of these two-hour sessions will have a theme, to help us to broaden and expand our practice. If you’re unsure whether this would be the right session for you, please do get in contact with Susie. The theme of this two-hour practice is yet to be decided – so if you want to come along, and there’s a particular topic you’re interested in, do get in touch.

This is our regular extended slot – the second Saturday of the month from 10am-12pm – so pop it in your diary, to make it a regular practice.

Meditation cushions and yoga mats are provided, although if you have your own you may wish to bring them for extra comfort.

Please get in contact with any queries, or to book directly to avoid the booking fee –

September 24th – Womens Circle



This wellbeing circle – it’s all about self-care. Taking time to look after and be kind to ourselves. The hour will finish with a relaxing guided meditation.

A friendly welcoming space for women to relax, be themselves and share some lovely feminine energy

Email Lisa to book

Drop in spaces also available

September 29th – September Slow Down

3pm – 5pm

“In any one day there are moments where there is nothing going on, but we link up what is happening from thought to thought without any space. We overlook the spaciousness that it’s all happening in,” ~ Gangaji

We will start of this session with a mindful breathing meditation, spend 75 mins in Restorative yoga postures.

Held for 8 minutes or more, restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends, you will be fully supported by blocks, bolsters and plenty of blankets.

We will finish the session with a Yoga Nidra practice.

Contact Carly at to book.

September 29th – Mantra Movie Screening


£15/£12 concessions

We’re very excited to be hosting a special screening of this inspiring film about the power of music, meditation and mantra followed by a live kirtan experience.
Tea and snacks will be provided.
Have a look at the trailer here


October 13th – Introduction to Shamanism

10am – 4pm


Are you interested in the ancient practice of Shamanism for personal development? This course is designed to give you an experiential understanding of shamanism for use in your life to support you with difficult themes you may be facing. These themes may be around relationships, working environments, family, your past, self-sabotaging behaviours, boundary issues, self-care… the possibilities of this work are vast and varied.

For more information and to book your place, please go to

For any questions, please contact Rhonda directly at

October 19th – Menopause Mid Section Melt

1pm – 3pm


Strengthen and tone your abdominals with our Menopause Midsection Melt
This Pilates-inspired workshop is especially for women who are going
through, or who have been through the menopause.
You’ll leave this workshop feeling invigorated, energised and stronger.
You’ll also get some healthy eating recipes to take away with you and try
at home!

Book at

October 20th – How strong is your Pelvic Floor?

2pm – 4pm


Do you ever leak when you run?
Have you ever leaked while bouncing, jumping or laughing ?
Do you avoid those activities?
Do you want to learn how to make your Pelvic Floor stronger?

This workshop looks at ways you can bring awareness to your Pelvic Floor,
suggestions for tools to assist in strengthening the pelvic muscles and
how best to stretch pelvic floor to create balance in the lumbopelvic

Book at

October 30th – 6 week Fit Mum Post Natal Sculpt & Core Beginner classes

5:30-6:30pm Wednesdays

This beginner low-impact 6 week exercise course is for any mum returning to exercise after birth whether you have given birth recently or if it has been a couple of years.  The class will focus on fun, functional exercises that help you optimally recover post the birth of your baby and get you back in shape feeling fitter, healthier and stronger.  The exercises will be done on a mat with both body weight and resistance bands and will work all of the major muscle groups.  The last 20-25  minutes of the class will focus on correct breathing techniques to safely strengthen your core and pelvic floor and prevent any/further abdominal separation.   Note:  You should be at least 8 weeks post natal if you had a normal delivery or 12 weeks if you had a  cesarean section.  Get in touch for further details: or

Jennifer is a Certified Pre and Post natal Corrective Exercise Specialist with Fit4Birth and a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach with ACE.

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