Here is a list of our Yoga Workshops in Stirling


September 22nd – Belly Dance Workshop

11:30am – 1:30pm


A 2-hour workshop covering technique from a bellydance style, finishing with a choreography in that style. This is part of a series of workshops run by Moyra Banks and Amanda Fraser. This series will cover styles including Egyptian pop, Oriental, Khaleegi and Saidi. In each workshop, you will drill movement, isolations and stepping patterns unique to the style covered. Every workshop is open level suitable for complete beginners to more experienced dancers.

Moyra and Amanda are Egyptian style belly dancers and belly dance teachers whose enthusiasm and love of the art form is contagious. Moyra is based in Edinburgh and Amanda is based in Glasgow

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September 23rd – Autumn Equinox Practice

3:30pm – 5:00pm


Join us for a celebration of the Equinox: a time for balance and unity where you can align your energies to the natural rhythms of the earth and sun. 

This 1.5 hour class consists of balancing and cleansing breath work, grounding asanas and a long yoga nidra.


September 29th – Exploring Inner Space

10am – 4:30pm

Breath-inspired movement and Yoga:
10am-1pm: (£35)
In stillness, explore the breath deep within the body,
finding the wonderful depth that is offered by the exhale, and the beautiful expansion from the inhale.
We will feel how our breath invites movement, and how our movement invites breath, 
feeling the natural instinctive unfolding of both as they freely move with one another.
This becomes an incredibly meditative practice allowing movement to be spontaneous, slow and free. 

2-4.30pm (£30)
Following on from the morning, we look at how to incorporate this sensitivity into more ‘traditional’ yoga postures.
We will mainly explore the Sun Salute,
spending time feeling the unfolding of breath and movement in each individual posture,
and then allowing a deeply felt flow to happen from one posture to another.

Contact Brenda to book

September 30th – Yoga Teacher Get-together

(8am) 10am-1pm.
Optional self practice from 8am (arrive any time between 8 and 9am), where Brenda will be on hand for adjustments and assistance should you require that.
Self practice finishes at 9.30am

At 10am we invite existing Yoga Teachers and those wanting to partake in CYTT
for a Teacher’s Get-Together.
Brenda will lead a 45min class, and from there we will have an ‘open’ workshop:
it will be helpful if you let me know beforehand if there are any specific topics you’d like to discuss, and it’s a great opportunity to meet other teachers, share insights and ideas,
and chat about any issues you may have in your own practice or teaching.
After our teacher get-togethers we always feel inspired and also that we are ‘not alone’.

Contact Brenda to book

October 13th – Womens Wellness Workshop

1pm – 3pm


Ladies, it is time to relax, let go of life’s stresses and find balance with this womens wellness workshop.

Just like the moon changes and goes through different cycles, so does a woman’s physical, emotional and hormonal well-being.

In this workshop, there will be special attention given to key areas that are vital to a woman’s health and well-being, including the back and abdominal area. Suitable for all ages, the emphasis of this workshop is to create a space which encourages women to go inward and reconnect with their female nature.

You will be guided through a sequence of asanas, which will support you to honour and explore your body’s needs, wherever you are in your cycle of life followed by some pranayama and a short yoga nidra. The practice will be slow, gentle and restorative, to soothe, relax and nourish the body, incorporating essential oils to awaken the senses. By bringing awareness to what’s happening in the mind and body, you will learn techniques that can help regulate hormones, as well as providing relief from PMS and menopausal symptoms, providing you with the opportunity to develop a practice specific to your own female needs.

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or by contacting Natasha at or 07961825500


October 14th – Japanese Calligraphy

10am – 12pm


This workshop is designed to perfect the ‘basic techniques’. Masami will pick 2 kanji characters that have a smaller number of strokes to allow you to focus on technique. So after mastering the basics, you’ll be able to comfortably apply what you have learned to any kanji characters you want to write on your own.

Japanese calligraphy is about putting your own interpretation and personality into each piece you create, so this workshop and future ones will bring out the personality and feeling of each participant into their artwork/calligraphy piece.

Brushes, ink and paper will be provided.

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