March 24th – Spring Equinox Yoga

10am – 12pm


Join us for a celebration of the Equinox: a time for balance and unity where you can align your energies to the natural rhythms of the earth and sun. 

This 2 hour class will consist of balancing and cleansing breath work, grounding asanas and a long yoga nidra and some healthy snacks!

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March 25th – Introduction to Nia



Are you looking for a different type of exercise? If you are new to Nia or even if you have been doing it for sometime now but want to learn more, then this workshop is for you. The workshop will introduce you to the theory which underlies the Nia Technique. Nia classes are a fun and absorbing way to get fit but there is much more to learn about this incredible practice.

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April 1st – Yin Yoga with Carly



2 Hour mindful, slow and deep practice

This workshop is suitable for all levels; time will be spent going over each posture to ensure that everyone get the most out of their practice

Yang Yoga (think Power, Vinyasa, hot Yoga, Ashtanga) Is great for exercising our Yang tissues, our muscles. Yin Yoga on the other hand allows us to work beyond the muscles, and carefully and safely exercising our Yin Tissues (our connective tissue, ligaments, tendons, bones, joints) The postures will all be done on the floor; we will hold the postures for between 1-3 mins

Although Yin is a simple practice this is not restorative yoga, we are gently and mindfully stressing our yin tissues. It can be very challenging to hold the postures for the length of time required, it will test you in a very different way than your yang practice.

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April 21st – Introduction to Ayurveda



According to the teachings of Ayurveda, full health is a balance of body, mind and soul. In this workshop we will learn about the 3 doshas, and the foods, spices and physical movements which aid to bring an equal balance to them.

The workshop will include a questionnaire to determine your dosha, a yoga sequence for each dosha and some cooking too! We’ll be making a dish to try on the day and there will be recipes to take home. We’ll also discuss the affect of different foods and spices on digestion as well as physical and mental wellbeing.


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April 28th & 29th – Anatomy & Scaravelli Weekend

Saturday​: 10am-4.30pm (with 1 hour lunch break)   /    Sunday: 11am-3pm (with 30min snack break)

£115 before March 31st

Brenda Louw is coming to Stirling to deliver this fantastic weekend workshop!
Be warned….attending this weekend may seriously change the way you practice… so great for Yoga Teachers (CPD) and anyone who loves yoga!

The mornings will consist of interesting anatomical information,
stuff that you can incorporate into your yogasana practice and life in general.
In the afternoons we will spend time experiencing the Scaravelli-inspired approach to yoga.  

Herbal teas, fruit and biscuits will be available. If you want other drinks (coffee, milk etc) or munchable goodies, bring that along for yourself.
Bring your own lunch, a yoga mat & bottle of water. There will be handouts, but a pen and paper will be useful for additional notes.

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May 19th – Neck and Shoulder Workshop

2pm – 5pm


Do you regularly suffer from a sore neck and shoulders? Do you get tension when sitting at a computer for too long? Do you ever suffer from tension headaches or migraines? Then this workshop is for you!

In this workshop, we will be covering the main causes of neck and shoulder tension. You will learn how to use mindfulness techniques to allow you to sense the start of tension and how to prevent pain through early intervention.

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